2009 The Nightmare Begins Again.

In 2009, after I left the captain, I restarted my whole life and the children’s. We had a backpack of clothes, shoes and a shopping bag each of personal items to build up on. In the meantime the captain called DOCs nsw from Queensland 14 times from Jan to May to complain about me being a drug addict, beating/abusing the children, me having bad mental issues, keeping  a disgusting house, having men around and more. Gaslighting to the extreme. Meantime in Queensland he had hired a legal team, I suspect his team had a hand in the appointment of the children’s lawyer and my nightmare was just beginning. Instead of helping me out and assisting me to rebuild, I was attacked, and harrassed by everyone with the job to help. Docs didn’t ask how my PTSD was from ten years of being in a war zone on the battlefield, instead they stated “the abuse never happened” “there was no dv” “you need drug testing” “you need mental health examinations because you are acting disturbed” ..

hell yes, 10 years of war and you give me another one instead of help. Everytime I would talk about the Captains abuse it would be denied. It was all my fault I was a bad mother,

I’d go to school with bare feet, as I do, and it would be reported back to DOCs that I was obviously on drugs. I needed help to get the kids diagnosed because the captain would not allow me to see doctors with the kids and suddenly I was treated like a fool with munchausens by proxy. This seriously interfered with my right to bring up a child my way. I was accused of “making things up” “self diagnosing the children” and my child’s autism which I knew existed became “my lack of discipline” Brodies autistic adventures prior in Queensland were put down as neglect and allowing my child to wonder carelessly. Kiralea was just fat and couldn’t control her food intake and needed exercise, Kaelan and Shayla were undisiplined naughty children. Kaelan never had the Kawasaki Disease and it went on and on.

Little did I know until now, that the ICL children’s Lawyer was sitting in on every docs NSW meeting. I asked I wasn’t allowed to attend my own case meetings. Meanwhile DOCs workers made friends with the captain, reporting he was such a nice polite fella, who was more than happy to help them…

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