You Want Truth? I am the Truth

and therein lays the problem of when your own government hires common convicted violent criminals to work in their super secret spy organizations such as the ASD (australian signals directorate – you thought ASIO was bad) giving them the power to use that same government to destroy you and leave you penniless and homeless.. paranoid.. nah not when they are really out to shut you up
10 years of family court .. setups left right and centre … campaign to make me out to be mental case and a drug addict . (neither but I damn well should be after all this crap)….
locking my daughter in docs institution for nearly a year .. throwing the daughter out he fought and paid so much to take from me leaving her homeless on the streets a beloved son I havent seen in 4 years….. and destroying my disabled children here …. I kept quiet for fucking ten years … but no.. he had to keep going ….. tip those scales right over .. too far…. nice work to all who helped destroy …. all I wanted was peace…. peace? there is no peace..
thats a big fuck you and fuck you to all who want to jump in now and try to tear me down further.. you cant I have nothing I am nothing and I have nothing to lose.. you took it all .. you took my motherhood away I was forced to grow a set of bigger balls with more intestinal fortitude than the lot of you
hey does anyone want to know about the 46 hertz radio signal that controls you in all those telecommunication towers .. or the microwave data from project echelon that records every word you say (didnt you wonder why google always knew what advertising to target you with when you had just talked about it) … or perhaps the perfectly aptly named “michael’s interferometer” that can watch your every move in your room from a computer screen in canberra even when you pee ..(in your network cables now)… or how the government uses criminals to be their hitmen and drug dealers…… or the reverse engineering done from the piece of the comet taken from the giotto mission… or even the program used by GCHQ to destroy their targets…or even what the fuck my exhusband is doing on a Great Britain database of email addresses of GCHQ operatives ?
and the truth has unburied itself to reveal all
you kicked my tower of love down and now I WILL tear your black mountain towers of control to shreds .. I have forever and I will restore the balance allowing love light life liberty and freedom to all
sounds crazy doesnt it… it is and I’m a nut.. the nut that you have to be to survive all this bullshit … order to have hate one must love
thank you Edward Snowden and thank you Anonymous and and biggest thanks to Aleister Crowley the not so wickedess man in the world because you allowed truth to be born and Free Julian Assange
there is only one law.. The Horus Maat Lodge Lashtal Press do what thou wilt … it’s all about love.. love under will.. love will survive … meet love in a hate state and this is the queens land and I am Nobody the antibody of corruption the queen of nothing and no one all that is nothing not your average joe
operation fight back begins the truth will be revealed Mia Justice not sure why it tagged her but so be it